International Patient Department (IPD): A unit in the hospital whose task is to provide the necessary coordination in providing all diagnostic and therapeutic services to foreign patients and patients with special services.

Health tourism: Traveling people from their permanent place of residence to maintain, improve or regain physical and mental health of a person for more than 24 hours and less than one year of health tourism.

International Patient: A foreign person who has come to the hospital to receive diagnostic and therapeutic services. An approach that has been considered in successful countries in the field of health tourism has been the establishment of an

International Patient Department (IPD) Reception at the hospital, which has been accepted and approved as a good international solution. In addition, the Ministry of Health has since the beginning of 2014 required all healthcare providers to establish an International Hospital Dept. (IPD) in their health center, in case of accepting foreign patients.

Azarbaijan Hospital is one of the medical centers of the Iran that has appeared in health tourism effective and powerful. The high quality of the medical services offered at this hospital, along with the appropriate cost, has been two main factors in attracting foreign patients, and has implemented IPD patterns of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education evaluations as one of the leading hospital.

Coordination with admission for patient admission, coordination with the IPD physician for the first visit and appointment of the accepting physician, coordination with the discharge unit to estimate the cost of treatment, coordination with the facilitator, coordination with the ward unit for welcoming the patient and his fellows, Coordination with the facilitator group to track patients for better provision of non-medical services are tasks of the IPD unit experts.

The IPD doctor is responsible for tracking all patient-related healthcare services through the Department of International Patients.

To provide faster and better quality services to patients admitted through the Department of International Patients, services are provided outside of regular routine.

Participation in important events in the field of health tourism and participation in congresses and many exhibitions held in the country is on the agenda of the IPD unit.

In addition to the highest level of health care services, Iran's historical and natural attractions encourage foreign patients to have a peaceful recovery in Iran. West Azarbaijan Province is one of the important part of Iran's history and culture, and has fascinated examples of these sights.

In Azerbaijan hospital, patients from Iraq and the Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Syria have been accepted.

The IPD Committee of the Hospital is responsible for policymaking and developing hospital goals for the treatment of international patients.

Members of the IPD Department

Department of Medicine: Dr. Y. SaghatFurush

Expert: M. Saniei

Discharge: F. Hasanzadeh

Contact with Hospital for International Patients: 00984431944332-00989144480112

Public Relations:044-31944250-00989908135133