Department of Radiology

Head of department: Dr. Ali Sina

Head Radio technologist of department: Mr. Hamed Imanlou

This unit is located on the lower floor in front of the laboratory and has been active since the start of the hospital and is providing diagnostic and therapeutic services to respectable clients. The time of the activity is morning and evening, and in the night shift and the time of the holidays in the form of ankles.

Doctors of Department:

  • Dr. Sina………… Radiologist
  • Dr. Almasi……….Radiologist


  • Mr. Hamed Imanlou
  • Mr. Siyamak Yosefi
  • Mrs. Hamideh Babazadeh
  • Mrs. Sepideh Mansuri
  • Mr.Ali Rashidi

The patients referred to the above section include patients admitted to different departments of the hospital and outpatient clinics.

Sections Equipment:

The equipment needed for the radiology department is very important for the diagnosis of diseases and it is clear that treatment has an extraordinary effect (economically for the patient and the hospital, and in the community as well as on the social consequences).

Radiological devices:

  • DDR fixed digital radiology
  • Portable radiology of two devices
  • Sonographic devices:GE Expert E8
  • Panoramic (OPG&CEPHALOMETRY)
  • CT Scan Device for GE

Introduction to Radiology Services

The services provided to these patients include all the simple radiographs and special radiographs, including digestive system, urinary system, genital and fistulography, etc., requiring injection or administration of contrast agents.

Special radiography services include:

1- Radiological examination of the digestive system

    A. Barium B.S or swallow barium (esophageal radiography)

B. UGI or esophagus, stomach, duodenum (radiography of esophagus, stomach, duodenum)

C. Transit (specialized radiology from the small intestine)

D. Barium enema or B.E (specialized radiography from the large intestine)

    2- Radiological examination of a urinary system

   A. IVP Radiography of the kidneys-ureter and bladder

B. VCUG Specialized urethra and bladder radiography

C. Retrograde Urethrography

D. Antegrade ureterography

It is worth mentioning that the radiology section of the specialized and specialized Azerbaijan hospital has been removed from the dark room system and is equipped with a digital DDR system. Working with the DR system has many advantages over the manual darkroom, which are referred to a number of them.

The process of film processing can be performed in the open space.

  • The archive of films is done digitally and software
  • The likelihood of film deterioration and blackening is minimized
  • Patient radiation is reduced due to system software processing and is very important.

Introduction to ultrasound services:

In ultrasonography, it is also suggested that, in addition to ultrasonography, all internal organs - soft tissue and deep tissue soft tissue (Ovary-Testis) -thyroid and parathyroid glands, it is necessary to perform color Doppler of the kidneys.

Understanding CT scan Service:

The CT scan of our hospital is equipped with a multislice CT or spiral CT that can perform brain, lung, abdominal and pelvic CT scans with and without contrast injections and HRCT at 2 mm intervals for more accurate examination and CT Angiography is a three dimensional (3D) scan of the kidneys that receives the lowest dose due to the spirality of the patient's device.