Head of department: Dr. Shahin Shahravan

Head Nurse of department: Afsaneh RahimZadeh

The ICU of the Specialized Hospital of Azerbaijan is located on the second floor of the main building of the hospital and provides intensive care of the patients in a quiet environment without any noise by experienced and experienced personnel with the best quality for improving the health with the aim of minimizing hospital complications such as bed sore and infections. Hospital and with the help of special equipment and equipment.

This section consists of eleven separate units, one of which is designed as an isolate for infectious patients.

Each bed has a wound dressing to prevent bedding, and at the top of each bed there is a separate console consisting of four sockets, a central oxygen system, a central suction system, a complete cardiopulmonary monitoring system connected to the central monitor. Also, each bed is equipped with a number of ambos.

This section also includes a viewing room equipped with a closed-circuit television system, which allows the patient's companions to be informed and observed at any moment by their patient.

In this section, there is a 24-hour specialist anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist and 20 nurses specialize in experienced, experienced and capable staff in this department. All ICU staff and nurses are continuously undergo special training to improve the level of science and update the therapeutic skills and care of patients admitted to hospital conferences or public conferences.

This unit is equipped with a Therapeutic Number Recovery Code, two heartbeat (defibrillator) for emergency purposes. The existence of an ABG device is also helpful in deciding how to treat patients.

In this section, internal and surgical patients are admitted. The mechanical breathing apparatus (ventilator) of this center is of the 760 Benton type and is checked by the respiratory unit's regulators every week and the parts that need to be replaced are checked and replaced by a checklist.

All infection control measures are taken to prevent the onset of infection by the hospital.