CCU and Post CCU

CCU and Post CCU

Head of department: Dr. alaaDin Mehri

Head Nurse of department: Mrs. Roghayeh Najafzadeh

The CCU's intensive care unit, Azarbayjan Hospital, is located in the third floor of the hospital building. Heart patients requiring special care are admitted to this department. The Azarbaijan hospital has a CCU section and a post ccu section, which has a total of 9 beds and a special function bed, and 4 active post CCU beds, ready to serve transient cardiac patients from the emergency department or from other departments during consultation with physicians or Directly from the physician's office.

The CCU is designed according to the latest physical-equipment standards, and the availability of advanced and efficient equipment is one of the most worthwhile points that can be controlled by remote control and rotating mat, X-Ray portable, and eco-portable and monitoring Central and Tele Monitor, Camera, and Ventilator and Nurse Call.

In this section, patients are monitored for a moment and day and night. The nurses of this department have the necessary abilities and knowledge in the field of cardiac care and as a result, they play an important role in the progression of the patient's recovery process and have a full control over the process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation from the CCU nurses' skills. The center provides all the facilities for doing cardiac surgery to the physicians and patients.

This section has a doctor's room, an echo room, and an Exercise Testing Room and a bathroom. The entry corridor includes the health services of patients with an alert system.

Section Equipment Included
Each bed includes a suction-equipped console, central oxygen, ventilator connections, and the newest monitoring system that has the ability to measure arterial blood pressure, NIBP, pulse oximetry, 24-hour EKG / SPo2. The nihon kohden shock absorber, EKG, portable echo canceller and portable XRay, a blood glucose test kit, an externally operated pacemaker, central monitoring and Bed Side monitoring, and a sports test, as well as a Holter Monitoring and other advanced equipment are also available.
Rules and Regulations of the CCU section
-     Controlling and performing all tests and clinical and paraclinical examinations of the heart are required at the time of hospitalization.
-     Patients do not need to be accompanied. All affairs of patients are done by the personnel. Patients admitted to the post ccu section are associated.
-     In order to maintain the comfort of patients, please follow the travel arrangements for the rest of the patients. The visit to the Special Section (CCU) is limited from 10:30 to 11:30 and 15 to 16 every day.
-     Mobile use is prohibited in this section.
-     The patient's diet is determined by a physician's diagnosis and type of disease by a nutrition expert.
-     Phone calls are possible, if necessary, through the department and by nurses using a mobile phone.
-    If there is a suggestion or criticism from the responsible and head of the department, and the management and management of the nursing and the complaints office of the hearing hospital, you will be given feedback and advice.
-   Hours of visit in this section are from 10:30 to 11:30 and 15 to 16 every day, which is possible with the implementation.